The fle-xx Concept

The fle-xx principle

A Solution to a Modern Problem

Modern life has a decisive and daily disadvantage: it immobilises people. Because most people spend most of their time seated – and bent forward at the same time. At the workplace, in the car, at the dinner table and in front of the TV – even asleep we url up. The result is that our musculature increasingly adapts to this posture, the shortening of the chest and stomach musculature leads to noticeable tension in the sensitive neck area. Back pains are usually also to be attributed to these shortenings of musculature.

An effective and sustainable antidote: the fle-xx concept, developed by Rückgrat founder Rudolf Plüddemann.

Gain Mobility and Freedom from Pain

The fle-xx target: The remedying of incorrect posture with simple exercises. In these, the shortened muscles are trained in a targeted way, increasing their length and strength. The training takes effect after just a few weeks – with increasing mobility and a greater feeling of suppleness. The fle-xx circuit comprises 7 basic devices and various additional exercises without the devices. The exercises are as simple as they are effective and are also easy for everyone to check.

An Expertly Designed Combination

Fle-xx combines the teachings of yoga, the latest sports medicine training therapy and many years of experience from the Rückgrat sport and health centres. The fle-xx concept can be incorporated without problems into existing training plans and is an ideal supplement to strength and endurance training.

The fle-xx Result: One's feeling of well-being is increased, the figure is tautened and circulation is optimised, because the exercises act like lymph drainage. For example, connective tissue and musculature are detoxified. If the exercises are performed regularly, pains permanently disappear and the newly gained upright posture can be kept into old age.

The fle-xx circuit – for an all-round improvement in one's experiencing of life and one's body!