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  • The fle-xx Success Story

    The fle-xx Success Story

    Even as a sports student, Rudolf Plüddemann already had clear ideas for his own fitness centre. Aimed at middle-aged and also older people, who can train their backs therapeutically and preventively in a civilised atmosphere and with competent supervision.

    He formulated the idea and concept in his degree dissertation and after successfully completing his sports studies at the University of Basel, Rudolf Plüddemann set up the first Rückgrat Sport and Health Centre in 1990.

    The Expert Principle, Pioneering Spirit and an Unusual Profile:At that time, Plüddemann's concept was something entirely new – but also a popular service with fast growing demand. Further Rückgrat Centres were created, underlining and consolidating their pioneering role in the market of health-oriented fitness centres.

    From His Own Experience – of Suffering and Solutions...

    Rudolf Plüddemann, who is himself plagued by severe back pains, is constantly on the search for effective solutions for himself and his customers. A groundbreaking encounter is his contact with the doctor Walther Packi, whose successful training methods for increasing muscle length training, however, go against the scientific consensus: exercises with backwards movements for back complaints.

    ..Incorporated and Integrated

    His own positive experiences convince Plüddemann and in 1991 he already started to adapt the backwards movements he has learnt for training in a fitness centre.

    So that this could be carried out without medical supervision and also by older patients who are unsteady in their movements, the first fle-xx mobility device was developed the same year: the splits cage.

    Even More Support for the Body

    In addition to the teachings of Wather Packi, Plüddemann got to know and value yoga as taught by B.K.S Iyengar in the following years. In this too, one trains the muscles to become longer and suppler in large movement amplitudes. In particular, Iyengar's idea of using aids such as the back-bender, chairs, ropes, etc. to increase the effect of the asanas and avoid problems of exercising, confirmed Plüddemann in his previous considerations. He started to develop the necessary equipment for all fle-xx exercises – with the aim of training and lengthening the large muscle groups in their entirety. The Rückgrat fle-xx circuit was created. It now allows well thought-out, target-oriented movement training for all age groups, independently and regardless of training status!

  • Idea

    fle-xx – A Good Recommendation

    Demographic change and an increasingly ageing society with high health-awareness: the fle-xx circuit also enlarges the group of customers in the gym – including by recommendation. Personal recommendation has especially strong persuasive power in the target groups 50+, 60+ and 70+.

    fle-xx in the Gym – How It Works

    In order to make the introduction profitable for the operator, fle-xx is structured as a holistic circuit that the customers run through in two groups of 14 minutes. A clock signals when it is time to move on. This prevents periods of waiting, the insertion of breaks or the leaving-out of individual devices. The circuit takes effect as a whole and moves toward the desired aim.

    The fle-xx concept comprises 7 basic devices plus various additional exercises that can be carried out without equipment. Easy to learn and simple to check. Even mistakes in the sense of incorrect handling are virtually ruled out. Fle-xx combines teachings of yoga, latest sports medical training therapy and the long experience of our sports and health centers.