Physiology and Training: The Medical Component of fle-xx

Medical training therapy

As an expert on muscle physiology, Piero Fontana has for years been intensively concentrating upon the effects of unnatural movement behaviour on the whole musculature. It is clearly documented by the research that the length of a muscle adapts to the respective strains put on it in everyday life.

Medical training therapy

A Widespread Disorder

The chronically limited scope of movement in everyday life leads unavoidably to a restriction of muscle length. This decline can be stopped by suitable training, increasing the muscle length again. It is accordingly important to take into account, in practice, the scientifically soundly based knowledge about the length adaptation of muscles.

Research Results and Facts:

Just a single training session over the maximum movement amplitude leads to more mobility. These latest scientific findings are the basis of the fle-xx circuit –and are the reason for its training success.